Looking for a great restaurant for a date night, evening with friends…or a place to impress out of town guests? Intero, which means “whole” or “complete” in East Austin is the place to go. It mixes inventive culinary technique while providing the cool Austin vibe we all love. We know you will love it, too.

Intero restaurant

We could tell by simply walking up to the Austin-chic Intero that we were in for an incredible experience. Located at 2612 East Cesar Chavez Street it is the latest noteworthy addition to the Austin food scene.

Italian With A Twist

Once inside the restaurant, Austin hospitality was in full display through a warm greeting by Intero co-owner Krystal Craig. Walking into the modern, masculine space are a series of tables to the right and a bar directly behind the front door. We made our way through the restaurant and were seated in an intimate area full of tables for two.

A cocktail at Intero

Seated in a area with others seeking an intimate dinner for two was immediately disarming. The knowledgeable server Gina promptly explained the menu, which changes daily. If one were to describe the menu in a phrase it would be “Italian with a twist.” Deciding on four courses we awaited our first course, a peach and gorgonzola flatbread. Fresh, delicious and perfect for two, we knew we were just warming up.

Burrata at Intero

Next came the small plates where we shared two classics prepared in an inventive way. The burrata filled with ricotta cheese, served on a bed of thinly-sliced watermelon and cantaloupe was phenomenal. On another night you might find the burrata served with things like mushrooms and broccoli. Even better was the beet tar tare with smoked mushrooms, cornichon and butter crackers.

Pasta at Intero

The main course followed and included one of the most inventive pastas I have ever sampled. It was a spaghettini with roasted corn and a touch of paprika to give the pasta an extra hint of smokiness. It paired perfectly with the white Marco Zanatta Vermentino, while my guest had a craft vodka and tonic. For those who are vegan, Intero offers a vegan option of the spaghettini that is every bit as fresh and delicious.

Our Compliments To The Chef

To cap off the meal, we enjoyed a trio of desserts each one more mouth-watering than the next. The blueberry sorbet was fresh and robustly flavored. We paired these with two chocolates that are prepared by Krystal Craig herself. The first was a citrus peanut butter and honey chocolate truffle while the second was a mocha blend bark. As we were finishing our dessert, co-owner and chef Ian Turwachter came over to say hello and to share a little about his restaurant experience in Austin. The perfect way to cap off any meal is to give your compliments to the chef. We did that and have added Intero to our short list of must-dine restaurants in Austin.

Intero proprietors Krystal Craig and Ian Thurwachter. All photography courtesy of Intero.

Located at 2612 East Cesar Chavez Street, Intero is open Tuesday’s thru Sunday’s. To make a reservation, click here or call 512.599.4052.




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