Priscilla and Elvis Presley

Recently, with the new HBO documentary, Elvis: The Searcher, we have renewed our appreciation for Elvis Presley’s style. His personal style, to say the least, kept up with the times and helped set the trends of each era. Here, our ModXMan co-founder Lance Avery Morgan shares his own Elvis-adjacent experience…

Elvis at a press conference, 1957

Having never really been a big fan of Elvis’ as a kid, when I lived in Los Angeles I was brought on to helm a video project with the Elvis Presley estate to promote an Elvis-released project on TV in the mid-90s. It turned out to be one of my favorites TV projects ever.  Not only did I get to work with George Klein, one of Elvis’ most insidery insiders, but also the entire team at Graceland, Elvis’ home of many years.

Elvis performing on Frank Sinatra’s TV special, 1960

The best thing of the project? A private tour of the high 70s era estate and museum across the street that features the Lisa Marie private jet in which Elvis toured. Oh, and also, I signed the brick wall outside of Graceland, like thousands of others have, too, yet it marked my ongoing connection to Elvis and his style.

Elvis, 1956

So, when you think of Elvis these days, forget the gold lame jumpsuits and tinted glasses of his later Vegas years, yet think about the cool swagger that kept hit records and money-making Paramount films firmly in the heart of mid-century style nomenclature.

Elvis, mid-1960s

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