Who wore it best on Oscar night? That’s question that is not just for the ladies. It’s for the men, too. Fortunately for us, the ModXMan team has you covered. Rob Giardinelli caught up with ModXMan’s Lance Avery Morgan and Matt Swinney blanketed the airwaves with their picks for best dressed men at this years Oscars. Morgan appeared on ABC-KVUE and Swinney on CBS-KEYE to share their best dressed picks on Hollywood’s biggest night.

Unanimous Best Dressed: Armie Hammer wearing Armani Privé

Armie Hammer in Armani Privé. Photo courtesy of Vanity Fair.

Morgan: Hammer always brings his A game and is as close to an old fashioned movie star as it gets these days. We’ll see what he dons when he’s in town for the Texas Film Awards this week. 

Swinney: What I loved about Hammer’s look was that he fully went for it. Many men last night just took the “I’ll get outside the box by wearing a different colored dinner jacket.” Armie did that but then kept the full suit in the red velvet. He looked fantastic.

Lance Avery Morgan’s Best Dressed #1: Mahershala Ali wearing Berluti

Mahershala Ali in Givenchy. Photo courtesy of Vanity Fair.

Morgan: I like that he expressed his individual style with the black tone-on-tone with the velvet sportcoat that is always perfect. He looks like he made his own styling decisions with the finished product from top to toe. 

Lance Avery Morgan Best Dressed #2: Sam Rockwell in Prada

Sam Rockwell in Prada. Photo Courtesy of Vanity Fair.

Morgan: Charcoal gray always photographs better than just a black tuxedo. It gives the wearer, and the photo, some depth. Rockwell’s not tall, so it lengthens his height. 

Lance Avery Morgan Best Dressed #3: Daniel Kaluuya in Bruno Cucinelli Apricot Velvet

Daniel Kaluuya in Bruno Cucinelli. Photo courtesy of Vanity Fair.

Morgan: I’m not sure if the apricot/orange velvet was a political statement, but I’ve never seen this before, so it feels really fresh. With his complexion, it’s a winner. 

Matt Swinney Best Dressed #1: Chadwick Boseman in Givenchy

Chadwick Boseman in Givenchy. Photo courtesy of Vanity Fair.

Swinney: He really embraced his King role in Black Panther. He looked like African royalty but with a modern twist. That long embellished coat and those amazing zipper-front boots are completely fashion forward but not so outside the box that other men can’t pull it off.

Matt Swinney Best Dressed #2: Timothee Chalamet in Berluti

Timothee Chalamet in Berluti. Photo courtesy of Vanity Fair.

Swinney: He’s so quirky and odd and wonderful and that all white on white on white with the splash of a patent black shoe was just perfect. His youthful exuberance really stood out to me with that look. Also, he’s the only significant star of the night that didn’t have a stylist.

Matt Swinney Best Dressed #3: Lakieth Stanfield in Zegna Couture

Lakieth Stanfield in Zegna Couture. Photo courtesy of New York Times.

Swinney: First, he looked great in navy. More importantly, he worked with Zegna to create a sustainable look. The tux was Tussah silk which is gathered from wild silk moths where the creatures are bred in a wild natural state. There’s virtually no human intervention and allows the moth process to be essentially undisturbed. Going eco typically means that you’re also sacrificing some style, but in this case, the all silk tux works… and well.


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