Looking for a new show that appeals to you and the kiddos? Look no further, because we’ve found that show for you. It’s the new Netflix series Everything Sucks! Here’s a look at this engaging series that takes a look back at the 90’s.

Crazy ties. Mushroom shelf haircuts. VHS tapes. Weren’t the 90’s quite the decade? Fortunately for us, Everything Sucks! has found a way to relive the decade many of us came of age. If we were to sum up the show in one sentence, Everything Sucks! is a mix of 90’s cult-classic series My So Called Life and Freaks and Geeks since it features a mix of winsome kids, nostalgia and story lines for the parents.

Unlike most shows who cast young adults to play teens, Everything Sucks! is cast with actual teenagers who turn in real, authentic performances not seen since a nostalgic series of our own youth, The Wonder Years.


The show takes place in the town of Boring, Oregon in the fall of 1996 and centers around two teens. Luke O’Neill a Freshman in the AV club and Kate Messner a Sophomore in the AV club and the daughter of the principal who Luke has a crush on. During the course of the season, the show touches upon issues of the day with an authentic, present day feel. Parent/teen dynamics, life of single parents, fitting in and coming out are some of the main storylines during the course of the first season. The charm of the winsome cast oozes through the screen, making this a show that will appeal as much to your kids as it will to you.

Photo courtesy of Netflix.

Season 1 of Everything Sucks! is streaming now on Netflix. To see the official trailer of the series, click here.


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