Looking to replace that same, old tired briefcase or portfolio with one that is both assertive and stylish? Walking into a meeting with the right business accessory can showcase something about you as a person and thereby, making a great first impression.

Below are our five picks for best types of briefcases and portfolios with something reflective of every type of profession and sense of style.


The modern classic. Perfect for the traditional businessman who realizes that the classic briefcase with sharp edges will quickly look worn in today’s fast-paced world.


The brown shoulder. Perfect for a businessman or creative professional who is less formal.


The black shoulder. Perfect for the business traveler who has to navigate the airport. These are durable and show wear less quickly than brown does.


The 3 way leather briefcase. Perfect for the guy who is running around downtown Austin (or another city when on the road). Wearing it as a backpack great option for those looking maintain even distribution on both shoulders.


The portfolio briefcase. Perfect for those who want the traditional look of a briefcase in a slimmer, minimalist profile of a portfolio.


The portfolio. Perfect for the minimalists and those who want to project confidence for those in-office meetings by not showing up empty handed.

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