Happy New Year! At this time of the year, a renewed sense of energy is happening for a bright, shining 2018…that’s just waiting for you to conquer it.  Here are some things you can do to get ahead and be your best man ever, according to our very own Lance Avery Morgan.

The first step is to be proactively realistic. Getting even more washboard abs by Valentine’s Day can happen…with much diligence, but likely not. It’s all about attitude, amigo: your frame of mind and frame of reference. Create the goals, set a timeframe and then work toward it. Around here we tend to create a list that we can scratch through as each goal is accomplished, lending even more of a sense of accomplishment.

Here’s some insight to drive the machine known as your life into a substantial 2018:


Look inside and dig deeper of what you really want and how you want to achieve it. A goal from last year that you strived for just may not be applicable anymore. Think, re-group and re-access. With all our family and friend obligations, this sometimes goes to the back burner. Turn up the flame and place yourself in the frying pan to get more from life starting today. It’s worth the effort because as we grew up learning, the more effort you place, the better “luck” you have.


Remember that old phone commercial that portrayed loved phones being just a phone call away? They still are, and fast forward to now, with your phone’s Facetime, Facebook videos and Skype. It’s smart and thoughtful to stay connected to those who care about you, to whom you care about, the most.  Let them know how much they mean to you beyond the obvious birthdays and holidays. Want to really blow them away? Drop a line in the mail. We’re betting it will be savored and saved.


According to research, men who buy experiences tend to be happier. While having a budget in life is always great, many experiences are worth the cash. Like doing a last- minute getaway weekend or nabbing premium concert seats to and Arrowsmith reunion concert. The possibilities are endless…what are you waiting for? Put on those Nikes and just do it.


Be bold. Be brave.  We’ve been told that, and have been doing that our entire lives. Take a chance, live a little.  But when it comes down to it, change can be tough. So, break out of the comfort zone and reach into new opportunities.  Many a dying man has said, I wish I would have done more instead of playing it safe. Carpe diem, baby and create the challenges you want, and likely, the happiness you seek can follow.


Does it ever feel good to lend a hand or volunteer. From coaching Jr.’s Little League team to going on a church mission, to helping the proverbial little old lady across the street who may be in need, there’s always so much more on this planet we can do to extend ourselves to others. You likely have everything you want or need already, and realizing that others less fortunate do not is a bracing eye-opener. Sponsoring a family during a special holiday, pitching in to support an at-risk student, or even manning the door at a function where you know the cause is close to your heart are but two of millions of ways to give back. A wise man once said that he’s not sure what the Afterlife looks like, but to him the Afterlife means how we will be remembered by those we left behind…those lives we touched.

Want more? We’ll have additional tips later this week to invigorate your endeavors for the New Year…


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