You’re a dad. We know that likely means you waited until the last minute to get any holiday shopping done for your kids. Perhaps mom does most of it, but we all know we dads likes to toss in a few surprises at in the 11th hour, according to ModXMan’s Matt Swinney…

Online isn’t an option anymore to ensure delivery in time. And who wants to head to Target with the other lifeless, unoriginal dads? You’re a happening ModXMan dad, so make it happen already.

Here’s your guide to the coolest toy stores in town to make sure those stockings fill out with stuff your kids actually want.

For the Kids with an “Inner Geek”: Toy Joy

Trust us, “Geek” is a term of endearment here. If your kid has a Lootcrate subscription, Toy Joy is the perfect place to fill out those oddball Japanese anime items or superhero blind boxes. If you’re lucky, you just might drop in when there’s a mad mini ping pong tournament happening between two dudes wearing animal heads. Whoops… we didn’t mean to run you off. Visit


For the Budding Scientist: Terra Toys

Is your kid into mixing chemicals together to see if anything might blow up? Do they shine magnifying glasses on ants to try and catch them on fire? Do they catch bugs in little houses and then scare their little sister to death? If so, head to Terra Toys for the best selection of educational, but still fun toys. Best part? Grab a pop tart and a cappuccino at the attached espresso bar. Visit


For the Kid who Saves Everything: Monkey See Monkey Do

Does your kid love tiny things? Like a million tiny things that get left on the floor for the dog to choke on or for you to step on in the middle of the night? Monkey See Monkey Do is for you. Mostly new, with some vintage finds as well, you can find absurdities that your kid will never need, but always want for just a few bucks a pop. Stock up on all those random items that you wish your dad would have bought you 25 years ago… see dad, they are collector’s items now. Visit


For the Kid Who’s Rather Eat Christmas: Big Top Candy Shop

While you’re at Monkey See Monkey Do, you may as well hop next door and check out Big Top Candy Shop. Some kids would rather get all hopped up on Mountain Dew than get yet another Star Wars action figure. Check out the soda jerks for yourself while stocking up on Jelly Belly by the pound or Grinch cookies for the little ones (or you–since this is a judgment free zone).



For the Traditional Kid: Lions & Tigers & Toys

Does your little one still want to snuggle something soft at every turn? Does their idea of a perfect half hour include a snuggle party with otters? If so, then Lions & Tigers & Toys is your one-stop shop. A more traditional toy store that carries unique brands than some of the others on this list, you’ll be able to find that fluffy giraffe or sweet nighttime book for the tyke that gets you every time she bats her eyes. Visit


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