In case you are to busy keeping up with all the holiday festivities you might have missed the news flash that this Christmas will be a cold one – and the complete opposite of the 80-degree day Austin experienced last Christmas.  

Be the coolest guy in the room at your Christmas gathering – and we don’t mean freezing your tail off by wearing the shirt-sleeve button down you wore last year. Below are five easy style items to pluck out of your closet this Christmas that will keep you both warm and stylish.

Cashmere Sweater

This is a classic that every man should have in his winter wardrobe. If you are feeling in the spirit, you can even wear something that reflects the cold weather outside like this blue sweater with snowflakes strategically placed on the sleeves.


Sport Coat & Turtleneck

It’s not every Christmas we get to wear a turtleneck in Austin, so pair a turtleneck with a sport coat. You will look great when you arrive and you can always take it off and still look dapper if it gets too warm inside.


Fitted Jeans

Can you think of a better way to make sure you sample Christmas dinner without over-indulging and packing on extra pounds? We can’t either. Wearing something fitted like a classic blue jean will ensure a couple of less pounds you have to lose in the upcoming New Year.



Scarves are making a huge men’s fashion statement right now – and they’re not just for wearing on the street in the chilly elements. If you’re one who overheats in a turtleneck, this is the perfect alternative to look warm and stylish as you celebrate holiday cheer.


Leather Gloves

A good pair of leather gloves is something that can last for years, especially in a warm-weather place like Austin where you don’t have to wear them daily…or even weekly. These look great weather you are pairing with an over coat or a sport coat.


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