It’s a rite of passage at the end of each year (and beyond) – shopping for the ones you love. In an age where we have so many choices…with the rise of online shopping, finding gifts for the ones you love can be an overwhelming experience.

We know what it’s like to have a lot on your plate, especially at this time of year and as a result, we are pleased to announce the ModXMan Shop.

The ModXMan Shop will be a list that we will update on an ongoing basis. It will offer great gifts for all the important people in your life:  your parents, your spouse, your children, even your assistant.

That way you can be festive and merry – without the worry about what to get for those who are most important to you. We also know some of you like shopping online, others in person. We have selections for both. Happy ModXMan Shop-ing!


What: Revolution Spirits Barrel Aged Austin Reserve Gin (Limited Edition)

Why: Gin is making a comeback and may very well have been his spirit of choice back in the day. Have him make his favorite libation while you two catch up – perhaps he will even tell you a crazy story about his gin-fueled youth.

Where to buy: Ten locations in Austin including: Beverage World, Far West Liquor and Fine Wines, J&J Spirits, King Liquor, South Lamar Wine and Spirits, The Austin Shaker, Triangle Spirits and Vapor, Urban Wine & Liquor, Warehouse Liquors and Wiggy’s.







What: Spa Reveil Gift Certificate

Why: The woman who gave you live deserves some pampering – after all she put up with your teenage antics. A gift certificate for a day of pampering is the perfect way to show your gratitude and allow her to choose the spa treatments she wants.

Where to buy:

Added Bonus: You get a free $50 gift certificate for you when you purchase a $300 gift certificate for her.









What: Molly Phillips Zaza Earrings

Why: Because these earrings were featured in Vogue UK and  will make her feel like the jet set star you know she is.

Cost: $225

Where to buy:








What: Caseta Wireless Connected Home

Available At: Lights Fantastic located at 7532 Burnet Road Austin, TX 78757

Why: Because you know he loves a great gadget. Since you can adjust the lights, shades and temperature from anywhere, it can even be his subtle way of saying “I Love You” when he is on all those long business trips. And you thought you had control of the thermostat when he’s gone…

Where to buy: Visit Lights Fantastic in person find out more by clicking here.




What: Phillips Hue personal wireless lighting

Available at: Lights Fantastic 7532 Burnet Road Austin, TX 78757

Why: Great for kids of all ages – from infant to teen. Colors of all hues of the rainbow to make their room reflective of them. Who knows – you might even get in the mood to buy one for yourself…

Bonus: The same gift for each kid, meaning you avoid one of the kids complaining their siblings got better gifts.

Where to buy: Visit Lights Fantastic in person find out more by clicking here.



What: Sprinkles Cupcakes Joy Gift Box

Why: You are in charge of sweets at the office holiday party or are tasked with bringing dessert to Christmas dinner. Bringing a traditional pie or cake seems boring and you want to think outside of the box…literally.

Bonus(es): Sprinkles has a Hanukkah Box and they deliver!

Where to buy: Visit Sprinkles Cupcakes in person at 3120 Palm Way Austin, TX 78758 or click here to purchase the cupcake assortment of your choice.








What: Rebecca Creek Whiskey

Why: Because you deserve a quiet night cap after all those holiday parties, gift-wrapping and family gatherings. They were also smart enough to do an impromptu shot after the recent snow perfectly capturing the holiday spirit.

Where to buy: Click on the link here and type in your ZIP code to find any one of 100+ locations in Austin to purchase.


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