An age old question people have when attending a party over the holidays is “How can show my appreciation of the efforts those who generously open their hearts and homes in the name of holiday cheer?” A host gift is an often-overlooked, yet simple way to show thanks to those who include you in their holiday festivities. Below are eight great items to provide the hosts for all those upcoming parties on your calendar.


Be in the holiday spirit and give the host their favorite bottle of spirits. If in doubt, give a bottle of vodka since it is a great base for a wide range of cocktails.


Champagne. Avoid a common pitfall and do not bring it chilled so they do not feel compelled to serve it. This way they can think of you when they toast another special occasion ahead such as New Years.


Everyone loves pictures. A book on photography is great for your host who appreciates the visual. Photo courtesy of Thames & Hudson Books.


A nice candle like internationally known, but locally based Seda France is the perfect all-occasion gift.


An extravagant Christmas tree ornament is a perfect way to spread cheer during any holiday occasion.


Bring another living thing into the house – and no we do not mean your plus one. Bring a nice floral arrangement such as a white poinsettia.


Bringing a sweet treat such as macaroons for your host to enjoy after the party brings will give the “aren’t you sweet” response they are bound to give a whole new meaning.


Be thoughtful and give the gift of music. Put a whole bunch of holiday tunes on MP3 then on a small thumb drive and wrap in a small box. It shows you gave the gift of time in putting together something that they can appreciate about you for years to come.



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