The holidays are a time of year where everyone likes to show they are in the holiday spirit. One of the best ways to showcase that is through style – and know we do not mean showcasing the proverbial tacky Christmas sweater. Below are nine items that will make you the best dressed man in the room and put everyone around you in the holiday spirit.

A fun sport coat and jeans. It’s Austin so a lot of parties are casual chic. A sport coat and jeans is the perfect way to bridge between casual and formal.


Pop a fun pocket square into your lapel. It’s the holidays so feel free to add a bold color to make a statement.


Going to an office party that’s dressy? Try a royal blue suit which in addition to standing out in the crowd – in a good way. Pair it with a black, navy or silver tie.


Go vintage. Wear a tie jack of your dad’s or grandfather’s.


Wear a cool, cashmere wool cap – especially on a cool night.


Don a novel tee. By that we mean dress like the rock star you are. Pair a sport coat, motorcycle jacket or suede jacket with a vintage tee.


Be vested. Vests are in, in, in! Throw on a velvet or plaid vest if a sport coat is not your thing.


Cufflinks above any other item show you are a person pays attention to detail. Wear them to impress your boss at the office Christmas party or at your buddies party as you pop open a bottle of champagne.


Change your hair. We don’t mean make it a Christmas color – instead use it as an opportunity to slick your hear back or change your part.


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