On a cold, rainy day there is nothing better than reaching for the comfortable and familiar. In fact, comfort food is perhaps the greatest example of something we seek on a day like today. Lucky for us Austinites, there are local institutions that do this very well. Below are our four places to grab some favorites to warm your appetite…and your soul.

You Want Breakfast For Breakfast, Breakfast For Lunch, Breakfast for Dinner


Kerbey Lane Café:

Why: An Austin institution for 35 years, they are world-renowned for their large and adventurously flavored pancakes. The batter is available for sale so you can imbibe at home anytime day or night if you’d like.

Locations: 6 throughout Austin including the original at 3704 Kerbey Ln.









You Want Chicken Fried Steak



Why: Around since the 1930’s when Austin’s population stood at a mere 53,000, its chicken fried steak is still the best in the city and when paired with their legendary dinner rolls, you have a slice of heaven.

Locations: One at 6416 North Lamar. One on the site of the legendary former Armadillo World Headquarters at 301 W. Riverside Dr.







You Want All-American Goodness



Why: Though it’s been in its current downtown location for almost 50 years, it was actually around for 30 years before arriving at its now iconic West 6th Street spot. From their staple of mouth-watering hamburgers to other classic comfort delights like their onion rings, French fries and (if you are feeling like a kid) grilled cheese, there is something on the menu for everyone to enjoy.

Location: 807 West 6th St.







You Want A Killer Dessert


Chez Zee:

Why: Founded in 1988, Chez Zee boasts all the quirks of old-Austin where a newcomer can feel equally welcome. After three decades, their desserts are still the best in town with the Chocolate Decadence Cake and New York Cheesecake among the best. You can even order whole cakes and pies to take home.

Location: 5406 Balcones Dr.



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