Steve McQueen, 1960s

By now khakis are the go-to Friday Casual attire in Austin that may have run its course, so it’s time to step it up a bit, don’t you think?  Here’s a look at the history of the workhorse garment, as well as some cool style guys who’ve owned the look since they wore them…to inspire your next wearing for fall.

Daniel Craig as James Bond

According to experts, the trousers known as “khakis”, which became popular following World War II, were initially military-issue khaki-colored chino twill, used in uniforms and invariably khaki in color. Today, the term is sometimes used refer to the style of trousers based on these trousers, properly called chinos, regardless of their color.

John F. Kennedy, 1960s

The impracticality of the traditional military garment was recognized early in the 19th century. Khaki-colored uniforms were used officially by British troops for the first time during the Abyssinian campaign of 1867-68, when Indian troops traveled to Ethiopia (Abyssinia) to release some British captives and to “persuade the Abyssinian king to mend his ways”. The U.S. Army adopted khaki during the Spanish-American War (1898) and the U.S. Navy and Marines soon followed suit.

Warren Beatty, 1960s

No matter how you slice it, in war and peace, these gents knew how to get the job done…


Justin Timberlake, on the set of Woody Allen’s Wonder Wheel

Paul Newman, 1960s

Marlon Brando, 1950s

Frank Sinatra, 1960s

Rock Hudson, 1950s


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