Think back: in family photos, your father and grandfather likely had as pocket square tucked away near their lapels. Whether it was white cotton (likely), a matching pattern to the tie near it (also very likely), or if it was a contrasting color (if so, then you come from natty dressers), it made a small, yet impactful style statement about its wearer.

Here are some guidelines for placing the pocket square for a day at the office…or an evening on the town:

  1. Don’t match. Complement your tie or sportcoat with a color that’s unexpected.
  2. Have fun. Place it in like a sharp-edged razor, or perhaps with a quick tuck so as to appear effortless.
  3. Spend wisely. Granted, several of our favorite pocket squares are pricey Hermès numbers. Consider those a lifetime investment that you’ll wear forever. But, many pocket squares run between $15-$40 bucks.
  4. White? Right. An inexpensive white cotton or linen square, folded in, is perfect 25/8 for morning to ‘round midnight.
  5. Be bold. Stand out and get a crazy color that is unexpected – heck, it will be a conversation starter. Think orange.

Pocket square by Lexicon of Style

So, go forth, young man and place your stamp n the world by starting with your breast pocket. A sleek pocket square will represent how you give the world, and yourself, some extra thought. When in doubt, visit Lexicon Of Style to buy some of the best pocket squares on the planet.



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