Photography by Chris Caselli

ModXMan, Austin’s only platform catering to the stylish, affluent male market launched in high style at the rooftop deck of The Contemporary Austin – Jones Center Museum. Hosted by ModXMan founders Lance Avery Morgan, Rob Giardinelli and Matt Swinney, the picture-perfect evening, one of the first temperate nights of fall, featured approximately 250 of Austin’s most social and stylish of this hidden gem of a space located in the heart of downtown Austin.

Luis and Shannon Contreras

Jeremy Nash, Ron Wittman and Tim Harriman

Alan Godfrey and Tobie Funte

The evening featured a set of experiences catering specifically to the affluent Austin man. The great first impression was provided by red carpet sponsor Lights Fantastic who allowed guests to capture the evening in style while DJ Amy Edwards belted out great grooves creating an environment that was both welcoming and fun.

DJ Amy Edwards. Table and backdrop provided by Moontower Rentals. Chandelier by Lights Fantastic.

Christine Cox, Jill Skinner and Stephen Koile

Luis Valadez and Jonathan Melendez

The men (and those who love us) then headed to the bar area where Moontower Rentals provided four unique bars and lounge seating areas, each perfectly befitting both The Contemporary space and the experiential bars for all to imbibe.

Suzanne and Stephen Erickson & Amanda Tatom

Melissa Dieck Thaxton and Dr. John Dieck

Jeffrey Fry, Manuel Polidori and Giuseppe Rizzi

Each of the four experiential bars had its own unique flair and offering. Those who desired whiskey, were able to saunter to the dark, tufted bar to sample Balcones Distillery’s premium whiskey as well as a signature whiskey cocktail.

Brandon Latham and Jason Schubert

Ana Ruelas and Sofia Avila

Charles Camacho, Shelley Kravet and Bob Contos

For those who were looking for a lighter spirit, you could venture to the white bar which featured Sway Water’s vodka v. gin bar. With vodka provided by Cinco Vodka and gin provided by Seersucker Gin partygoers sampled two signature cocktails mixed with Sway Water: the ModVod and GINtleman’s Lemonade. The Globalux Italian inspired bar sported Italian Soda, Apple Cider and a signature cocktail of white wine mixed with Italian Soda. Lastly, Chloe Wines hosted a sampling of their Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio and Sparkling Wine.

Sway Water’s Vodka v. Gin Bar. Vodka provided by Cinco Vodka. Gin provided by Seersucker Gin.

Bill Pitts, Clayton Morgan and Jose Buittron

William Jackson and Candice Johnson

As this spectacular launch evening drew to a close many took advantage of the experiential photo booths provided by and departed with a sweet treat courtesy of Sprinkles Cupcakes.

Neal Hamil and John Conroy

Jennifer Carnes

Sprinkles Cupcakes

It perfectly capped the first of many experiential events ModXMan will do to elevate the profile and status of Austin’s stylish and affluent man.

Lance Avery Morgan, Rob Giardinelli and Matt Swinney




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