What better way to kick off fall than with a fresher approach to grooming than with a trusted brand that is celebrating beyond a half century of keeping guys buffed and ready with its skincare products? That would be Baxter of California.

If you’ve ever picked up a GQ or Esquire magazine as a kid, you likely recall the Baxter of California ads in the back of the publications that had models who looked more like us than the moustached and Speedo’d gents who graced the covers (and other venues back in the day). They were young, tan and represented the surf’s up attitude of OP corduroy shorts, Chevrolet Monte Carlos and post Disco-prePreppie sliver of a timeframe in pop culture.

In fact, Baxter of California is back in the men’s skincare landscape and has created a special-edition camo box of our top-selling products to unleash what makes you, you. The Signature Set features all their fan favorites in a limited-edition Baxter blue camo set is $120 (a $196 value) and includes:  Super Shape Skin Recharge Cream 1.7 oz, Deodorant 2.65 oz, Clay Pomade 2 oz, Hard Cream Pomade 2 oz, Vitamin Cleansing Bar – Citrus & Herbal Musk 7 oz, Exfoliating Body Bar 7 oz, a Pocket Comb, Daily Protein Shampoo travel size 2 oz, Daily Face Wash travel size 2 oz, Oil Free Moisturizer travel size 2 oz, Super Close Shave Formula travel size 2 oz and an After Shave Balm travel size 2 oz. At

Photos courtesy of Baxter of California


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