It doesn’t take much to know a good hat when you see one. At least that’s what our fathers and grandfathers thought. Buy well and buy forever, they figured. So goes the lore and allure of a Stetson hat to the Texas man, according to our sixth generation Texan Lance Avery Morgan.

It was the Cadillac of hats then and these days, it still is. I recently made a brief cameo appearance in the filming of The Iron Orchard about 1939-1949 Texas and what did they have me wear? Yep, a Stetson.

Donald Grant Morgan, 1957

My dad, Donald Grant Morgan, had one and sported it well, as seen in this photo from the 1950s. In fact, he had several Stetsons that I inherited when he passed away and they remain a treasure.

So, we got to thinking, what was the man buying with a Stetson thinking when he bought his premium hat. You Look Your Best In A Stetson, The Mark Of The World’s Most Famous Hat, Step Out With A Stetson and The Stetson Is Part Of The Man were just some of the company’s slogans aimed toward the rakish, hat-wearing men in the 1940s-1960s.

We have to agree, in seeing how our predecessors wore these toppers, you might see more of us in a hat soon that’s dusted off from vintage hatboxes sequestered in closets across that state.


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