Let’s face it, literally…we’re all challenged by the elements that can reach our face that aren’t positive. That’s why there’s a revolutionary approach to skin defense: Chantecaille’s Anti-Pollution skincare collection.

It reigns in the power of stem cells and skin barrier-strengthening extracts to shield the skin from chemical and radiation-absorbing pollutants, soot, smog
and heavy metals that can be found in the air. The pollutants accelerate aging, damage the skin and cause allergic reactions and inflammation. According to the Chantecaille skincare experts, the Anti-Pollution Mattifying Cream provides the ultimate defensive barrier against environmental threats to the skin while also working to improve strength. Here’s more about the duo…

Rich in ingredients, the Anti-Pollution Finishing Essence ($125) creates an instant shield against contaminants
 and the essence forms an instant, weightless barrier which fortifies the skin’s ability 
to protect against environmental aggressors. It also contains clarifying and soothing botanical extracts that aid in reducing inflammation and free radical damage
which can dull the skin. The result is a more radiant complexion that is completely protected from urban pollutants. Plus, it feels great going on the face.

For more information, visit Chantecaille.


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