We all know how to joust in a verbal spar and do pretty well. But how about with the ancient sport of fencing? En garde.

Is the sport for you? If you like to challenge yourself physically, mentally and emotionally…and you like to win, fencing, which is steeped in the history could be right up your alley.

Here in Austin, there is the Austin Fencer’s Club. According to the organization, “Fencing trains bodies and minds, developing fitness, agility, critical thinking, and good sportsmanship. It builds strength, stamina, and reflexes, while teaching students to think analytically and solve problems.”

What’s not to love about that? AFC, located at 4425 Red River, offers beginning, intermediate, and competitive fencing classes for adults and also, children. They also offer open fencing sessions for experienced fencers.

As you progress with the sport, according to the organization, “competitive fencers are expected to buy and maintain their own gear. Competitive fencers should opt for good-quality gear that provides a higher level of durability and safety. Competitive fencers need all the equipment on this list….”

​Requirements for competing in tournaments are:

  • minimum 2 weapons (Youth-10 must use the shorter #2 blade)
  • minimum 2 body cords
  • minimum 2 mask cords
  • mask with electric bib; must pass conductivity and punch test
  • lame that fits properly and passes a conductivity test
  • glove; must be free of holes
  • fencing knickers worn with tall socks that fully cover the leg
  • fencing jacket
  • underarm protector

So, what are you waiting for? Begin your stance and get ready to lunge, parry and pret.


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