Spotted this week at the new Austin-meets-Hamptons hangout Tiny Boxwoods is this on-the-go SkylesBayne real estate partner Conley Covert.

In fact, he’s usually the best-dressed guy in any room and we dig that. The Austin native has a high get-it factor when it comes to his own personal style. We caught up with him to see what’s on his mind right now…

Style icon: Robert Redford

Go-to style item right now: Levi’s Made To Order Jeans, made by Master Tailor Dyuna Morgan, Levi’s Meatpacking, NY

First dollar I earned: Selling Cuban cigars I got from a family trip in Mexico in middle school

If I could compete in an Olympic sport it would be a: Triathlon

I’m next traveling to: Honduras

Favorite Austin joint I’ve just discovered: Mattie’s

My current top-down ride is: 1966 Cadillac DeVille, Mist Blue convertible

My perfect day in Austin would end with: Enjoying a nice glass of a big Napa Cabernet, while I prepare a home cooked meal for my wife (aka Superwoman), followed by an outdoor cigar and sipping tequila.


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