As fall begins, you may be called into duty. Date duty. Husband duty. To don a tuxedo for a formal shindig. In fact, that black garment has been called everything from a dinner jacket to a monkey suit, yet no matter how you slice it a man is always at his most handsome in a tuxedo.

The ageless suit is always ready and waiting for when the occasion calls for something a little bit finer. Here our man-about-gala Jake Gaines presents a look at a life of what the perfect tuxedo can do for a man’s life…

1 handmade tuxedo purchase that replaced two that were well-worn.


3 debutante balls and an assortment of debut parties for girls who always look stunning in white


3 galas. Two where the seating was perfect and one that wasn’t.


8 overnight trips where it was packed at the last minute because you just never know when the occasion might present itself.


3 weddings, 2 with the same bride because things didn’t go according to plan the first time.

Photo courtesy of Brooks Brothers

1 red carpet stroll at an awards ceremony for a good friend who was being honored.


2 opening night exhibitions at rival art galleries.


1 black tie bar mitzvah where it was lost in a sea of similarity.


1 Christmas party at a mother-in-law’s house where drinks were spilled and arguments occurred.


2 scenes in an action movie


1 James Bond Halloween costume

1 marriage proposal at the Capital, which damaged the right pant leg around the knee


1 presidential inaugural ball awhile back in Washington D.C.


2 business dinners with international executives who were ready to make a deal


1 philharmonic concert


1 opera season opening night performance


1 guest appearance on a talk show where the nerves were running high


1 black tie annual auction at an alma mater private school


2 fund raisers, one for Pediatric Cancer, and the other for the Children of Darfur


1 dinner at The Austin Club with potential business partners


1 best man speech at a college roommate’s wedding


1 helluva great time any time it’s donned


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