How can you look better half-naked?  Really, it’s a fair question. Help is here to inspire you this fall as the weather cools down. We caught up with fitness aficionado Jake Gaines who shares how you can keep a consistent routine at the gym, if those infomercial exercise products really work, and the three foods that should be a staple of your diet.

Lance Avery Morgan: Jake, most men take better care of their car than they take care of themselves. How do you work with your clients to really commit to a fitness regimen that delivers results?

Jake Gaines: In working with a new client you have to find out if they are truly committed. If they are truly committed the results come easily.  It has been said that once some one really commits to something then the world conspires to make it happen.


LAM: So, forty-five minutes in the gym is all it takes. When will a guy start to see significant results?

JG: There are so many variables to apply to this question that you really can’t put a time limit on the results.  It depends on level of commitment, how conditioned or de-conditioned the person might be, what they consider significant, metabolism.  Once someone has been on track for 4-8 weeks though they should start to see some sort of results, most importantly they start to feel that they have more energy.

LAM: What about cardio? Since we Texans have great year ‘round weather, will a good run do us any good?

JG: Cardio is extremely important.  How efficiently your heart works is key to a long, healthy life.  So while a good run can do wonders for your cardiovascular capacity, you shouldn’t limit yourself to just running.  Enjoy the weather with a bike ride, swimming, or a brisk hike.


LAM: What about the simple equation that when one looks good in clothes it usually means that he can look even better out of clothes? That should be incentive…

JG: I am not too sure about that question. I’ve always heard that clothes can conceal quite a bit. If someone is in great shape I think the clothes might look even little better. A toned body is only a product of great health, fitness, and wellness.

LAM: Speaking of erect, I’ve always heard good posture can add two inches to a man’s height and can make him look five years younger. True?

JG: In my professional opinion, good posture and form is always needed in the gym while performing any exercise.  In my personal opinion, I think good posture promotes confidence.


LAM:  You know the Texas man likes his beer and spirits. You and I have shared a few over the years. Is that a no-no or can a daily glass of red wine really help?

JG: Everything in moderation is something my dad taught me and it applies on this subject.  While studies have linked having a glass of wine to good heart heath, most people take that sentence and run with it.  Remember, A GLASS means A glass not a bottle. But I teach that if you are working hard on your health, have a day for guilty pleasures and don’t feel guilty, enjoy the fruits of your labor. Just watch the binge drinking because it’s not good.


LAM: Too many men don’t take vitamins. What vitamins do you recommend most?

JG: I always recommend a good multi-vitamin.

LAM: The most important part is eating correctly, right? It’s what fuels our body’s engine.  What top foods do you recommend every man have in his world?

JG:  You need to have a good balance of proteins, carbs, and fat. As long as you are balanced the choices are yours to choose. Always have lots of veggies, no matter what.


LAM: Last question, if you could advise a guy to take one step in the right direction for a lifetime of fitness, what would it be?

JG: Be honest with yourself about your level of commitment to a fitness lifestyle.  Those who are truly committed reap the benefits more quickly. It may take a while, but stay the course and a lifetime of health, fitness, and wellness will be yours.


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