Nothing to watch on TV?  Where have you been, man? It’s all happening on television, and here are our savvy media consumer Jake Gaines’ top six tips of what to watch that will have you tuning in for more.

Red Oaks

Red Oaks

It’s, like, totally Fast Times At Ridgemont High, but so much better. Take a trip into the neon laden 80s again as a college kid works his way through college at the local country club.  Hilarity ensues. On Amazon.

American Playboy’s Hugh Hefner



American Playboy

Hef’s a pop culture legend. We all know that. But how deep and vast the legend is will astonish you in this series on the Playboy empire founder Hugh Hefner. On Amazon.


Five Came Back: John Ford, WWII


Five Came Back

This series chronicles the five top film directors of the WWII era who join the armed services and see as much combat action as any infantryman. With a film camera, recording it for posterity. On Netflix.


Schitt’s Creek



Schitt’s Creek

Funny doesn’t get any funnier than this fish out of water story of an ultra-wealthy family who has been Madoff’d. They move to the only investment the IRS deems unworthy, Schitt’s Creek, a rural small town bought as a joke. Already a modern classic. On Pop TV and Amazon.




Difficult People

Difficult People

Like an updated Will & Grace, yet with so much more single BFF edginess than ever before. Life’s tough in Manhattan, but the funny is tougher. You’ll laugh until you convulse with the myriad of characters this star duo attract. On Hulu.






Becoming James Bond’s George Lazenby

Becoming Bond

One time only James Bond leading man George Lazenby is re-discovered to see why this man with all the potential walked away from the franchise and millions. On Hulu.

[Photos courtesy: Amazon, Netflix, Hulu]