Who doesn’t want hair that’s as thick and lush as possible? Having a great and healthy head of hair is one of the ultimate signs of masculinity Though it can feel overwhelming at times, having a healthy head of hair comes down to the basics – a great shampoo, conditioner, hair product and of course keeping the head of hair you have.

Our grooming guy Rob Giardinelli recommends some tried and tested foundation products to give you a full head of hair and turn heads in the process.

Shampoo: Rinse & Repeat

American Crew’s daily moisturizing shampoo is about the most versatile shampoo on the market for the money and the first step in keeping a great head of hair. It keeps your hair looking good and prevents your hair from drying out whether you are sweating it out in the office, or the company softball team.

Conditioner: Once A Week

Classic and simple, The Conditioner by Paul Mitchell is a leave-in conditioner that is perfect for the guy on the go. It’s especially good for protecting your hair against chlorine, sand and other elements for guys lounging by the pool, the lake or the beach.

Gel: Smooth & Tame

Pomade by American Crew is clear, water based medium hold hair product, leaves your hair looking as lush, and healthy as the guy underneath the hair.

Hair Today:  Preservation

Hair loss is the one the thing all men think about, but never want to talk about. Keeping the hair you have is all about maintenance. Nutriox allows you to spray into various parts of your scalp twice daily so you can think about the things that truly matter.


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